Do you prefer getting massages when the weather’s freezing cold or scorching hot?  I asked this question last week to some clients, curious of their preferences. I know for myself that I much prefer getting a massage when it’s cold outside. I love a toasty warm massage table and my dry, thirsty skin absorbs oil like a sponge. But walking out into 100-degree heat after being oiled up – YUCK.

Thinking my clients might be of the same mind, the first client I asked gave me an unexpected answer. “I like getting massage from you in the winter because it pulls me out of my blues and restores my soul.” I knew that she has fought depression over the years, and the snowy cold weather especially gets to her. “When I get a massage it completely turns around my outlook on things.”

So for what seems like the millionth time, I’m reminded that our clients have many reasons for getting massage, not just the physical. Our hands are such powerful tools, restoring not just muscles and fascia, but minds and hearts.

For 2018, more open-ended interview questions for my clients. I might just learn a thing or two.